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2017-Jun-10 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #10
The first job was to install the 1.4 metre sheeting that I created the other day.

This covers one half of the atrium floorboards.

I had to spend some extra time to screw down a few rough edges, plus release all the roofing screws on the ridge side so that I could "weather" the ends of the sheets.

This took me up to 11.30 am.

I had an early lunch and then continued in the afternoon to install another mid position roofing frame, rafters and battens.

There are a lot of steps involved in each run and I ended up packing up in the dark, by torchlight.

I still have not installed the sheeting over these new rafters / battens but I think it is a 40 minute job - I might get to it during the week or even on Sunday.


We had purchased some Bottle Brush seedlings so that Ian does not have to look at my scaffolding and half completed house when working in his studio.

We decided to drop these out to site to give Ian a chance to decide where to plant them.

Linda needed to watch a pod broadcast at a very specific time so while she was doing that I fetched up sheeting to cover the rafters and battens I installed on Saturday.

I now have these positioned correctly and will nip out to site on Monday during my lunch break to screw them down.

Hopefully it will be a very quick job


During my lunch break I popped out to site and screwed in 16 roofing screws and filled in any old nail holes with silastic - quick job, no surprises.

Short lengths installed at ridge

Rafters and battens installed for next run

Sheeting installed ready to screw down