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2017-Jun-3 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #9
First off I installed the last set of battens and then the 1.3 metre sheeting to complete the first run of 3 sheets all the way over the roof.

After this - a 600 x 800 roof frame on the other side of the atrium and a spine piece to connect this back to earlier work.

Finally - I dragged up the apex frame to cover the atrium area.

I am hoping on Sunday to install all the short rafters, battens and sheeting so that I do not have to spend time very visit rolling back the floorboard covering and then fixing it again before I leave.


I seem to have hit a brick wall.

Linda and I had breakfast together at a local café and then I headed out to site arriving around 11.00 am.

I felt like I was wading through treacle all day and did not seem to achieve very much.

I finished fastening down the frame I started on yesterday, installed 4 short rafter to one side and the associated batten and that was all.

The annoying thing is that the atrium floorboards are still not protected and I spent about an hour rigging a temporary protection over it.

During the week I might look through all the short corrugated iron sheeting that I have and cut out as many 1.4 metre lengths that I can - this is the dimension to clad from the apex down to the existing sheeting.


Still very tired and need a bit more of a break.

After the Monday public holiday, I took Tuesday off as well.

I had a leisurely coffee at Dome and then headed out to site to potter around.

About an hour went on hauling out all the old bits and pieces of timber around the site for a bonfire once the season allows it. The good news is that Ian next door said that he could use it in his little pot belly stove - so in the end there was no waste.

Then about 3 hours creating the 1.4 m sections of corrugated iron to run from the ridge down to the existing front section of roof.

This involved looking around for any short, scrappy lengths of sheeting and marking them up to eliminate as many flaws as possible

By the time I had finished and lined up all the sheets with 1.5 ridge overlaps I had created an eight metre run - this will just cover the front section.

I filled in all the previous nail holes with silastic and then stored them away.

On the other side of the ridge I am hoping that I can avoid the need to install short lengths - I am aiming to sheet right up to the ridge with some fairly long runs of corrugated iron.

Progress by the end of Saturday

Progress by the end of Sunday