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2017-May-20 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #7
I went out on site with unrealistic hopes of covering the entire back section with temporary roof.

By the end of the day I had installed 4 mid position rafter supports and 3 sets of rafters.

The occasional drizzle during the day did not help matters.


I really wanted to roof over one section so I was back on site at about midday.

It was raining heavily at times and had rained overnight as well.

The leaks in to the house were worse than the previous day but still not too bad.

The other issue is that water is breaking through some of the black plastic protection and making some of the atrium floorboards damp.

The rain really slowed me down - it would drip through the tarpaulin and I would have to cover everything up with roofing sheets. Then after it stopped, I would need to give it another 15 minutes for all the drips to stop before I could remove the protection.

It took me all afternoon to install a 600 x 800 roofing frame and the first apex frame.

I think I might as well wait for some dry days before persisting any more - otherwise the progress is too slow.

Rafters and rafter supports installed

Central apex support