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2017-May-13 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #6
Well, I had intended to install lots of rafters today but my plans were completely sidetracked by a meeting with Stephen from the Living Computer Museum.

I decided to abandon any attempt to go out to site and instead concentrate my efforts on preparing materials.

Stephen arrived at midday but up to that point I was cleaning corrugated iron with a high pressure washer.

The rest of the day went on our meeting.


I was up late, at 7.00 am and spent some time continuing with cleaning sheets.

Linda volunteered to do this for me so I moved my attention to the mid position rafter supports.

The first roof frames that I installed out on site are on top of a strip of floorboard to give the correct final height.

These are screwed down and rather random lengths.

After doing this I realised that this is going to be a real pain if I want to lift the temporary roof in 900 mm increments to eventually lay the floorboards.

For the mid position rafter supports I realised that it would be much better to have the floorboard scraps sized to 900 mm and attached to the bottom of the support when it is bolted down.

I had originally taken 8 of the 11 supports out to site but I brought them back, along with all the scrap floorboards I could find.

While Linda was doing my sheet cleaning I cut a whole lot of floorboards to 900 mm and drilled through the base of the rafter supports to place fixing holes through them (12 mm).

I had left some of my threaded bolts and 10 mm nut supply our on site but I had enough materials to make up the bolts for 7 out of the 11 frames.

As Linda cleaned the sheets I carried them up to the trailer.

We were interupted by rain but afterwards I loaded some corrugated sheets that had been liberated when out evaporative aircondition was replaced.

I also brought more sheets from my home pile down to the house ready for cleaning.

As part of this I created a pile of irregularly shaped pieces that need trimming back to a rectangle.

Tuesday through Friday

During breaks from work and after work I completed adding the bolts to the mid position support frames, created 5 new 600 x 800 frames and created 2 out of the 3 apex frames.

I also took most of these materials out to site.

Between us, Linda and I finished off the high pressure cleaning of the remaining sheets

Spare floorboard attached to frames

Sheeting to be cleaned

After cleaning

More roofing frames