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2017-Apr-22 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #20
I was up at 4.00 am with the idea of being out on site and quietly performing measurements and checks before I could make any noise at 7.00.

The one flaw in my plan was I had forgotten that the mornings are becoming darker now.

I was out on site at 5.00 am and all unpacked by 5.30 am but it was still pitch black outside.

Had this been the middle of summer it would have been bright daylight (we don't have daylight saving in WA).

I had a nap and woke up at 6.15.

The first job was to make sure that my centre line measurement was correct.

I measured to the two outside walls of the building and confirmed that everything was ok.

After this I laid the very first floorboard run along the centre line with the intention of working outwards in both directions.

I am working this way because I am hoping that the atrium floorboards will pretty much line up with the front bedroom boards and this is the best way to eliminate obvious "creep".

I had to remove a few small sheets off the temporary roof to facilitate access.

This was all pretty tough work - half of the area I am working on lies under the roof.

I had to crawl over uncovered joists and haul myself in and out of a 600 mm space.

By the end of the day I had laid 15 runs.

On Tuesday (Anzac day public holiday) I hope I can finish the job - another 8 either side and then finish off by ripping a spare set length wise to take up the edges.


I was ready to start at 7.00 am.

Because it was a public holiday I did all the quiet jobs first and did not really make any noise until after 9.00 am.

I had lots of visitors today, which I enjoyed - Sandy and Jim, my neighbours from both side,

By the end of the day I had laid 12 runs.

Some of them were tricky because I had to drill through 6 mm of PFC in some places in order to screw down the floorboard.

Also it seemed to take ages for me to set up the triton so I could rip one floorboard down to 30 mm for the edge. Anyway - that's the atrium area finished.


During breaks from work I prepared 15 very short floorboards to get from the side of the atrium to the edge of the steps. I took these out to site after work on Thursday.


During breaks I prepared three sets of brackets. These are intended to complete three joists that had to stop short of the edge of the steps.

After work I took three 800 x 600 roofing frames that were surplus to the street level and turned them in to 550 x 600 frames.

Making a start

Progress by the end of Saturday

Progress by the end of Tuesday

Brackets to extend joists

550 x 600 roofing frames