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2017-Apr-14 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #19
Pretty much the same as last Saturday.

The remaining joists were replaced, the strapping reinstalled and the floorboard postions measured up.

Saturday, Sunday

I brought home the one floorboard run that I marked up the previous day.

One position had changed and some of the other positions varied by 10 mm moving from side to side.

I used these measurements to update my gauge.

I also brought down a large supply of floorboards from storage.

Previously when I have prepared floorboard runs I have iterated through all steps for each run.

That is: choose floorboard lengths, mark up docking positions, dock, clean rubbish from the tongue and groove, mark up hole positions, rebate holes, drill out holes.

This time I am trying something new. I have completed all the timber selection and docking as a single batch operation.

I will see if this is more efficient.

I have prepared 28 runs in the last two days.

On the Monday public holiday I need to clean all these down and drill all the holes.


I spent half the day scraping rubbish out of the tongue and groove of each piece of floorboard.

I was surprised how long it took to clean up all 28.

Towards evening I started to make progress on rebating and drilling the holes.

Hopefully I can finish this off during the week during work breaks.


Completed the holes in all 28 runs


During my lunch break I took all 28 floorboard runs out to site, carried them up to the loft floor, placed them on gluts and covered them in black plastic.

All joists replaced by end of day

28 floorboard runs cut to length

Floorboards delivered out on site