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2017-Mar-18 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #16
Today went pretty much as expected.

I had taken all the materials, I would be needing, out to site during Thursday lunchtime - so this gave me a running start.

I was out on site by 6.30 am and left at 7.30 pm.

The first job was to hoist the tarpaulin, unroll the black plastic covering, and bring out the store materials.

I laid the first 5 floorboard runs easily but I was just a few screws short on securing it when the drizzle turned in to rain.

I covered up the floorboards and beat a hasty retreat.

While waiting for the rain to abate I set up my trusty old Triton Mk3 because I needed to rip some floorboards lengthwise at the various edges.

This involved installing a 9 1/4 inch saw back in to the base plate and setting up the alignment.

After a false start I ripped the first 1110 mm length that I needed.

By now the rain had stopped so I moved on to the second set of floorboard runs.

I was expecting to install two sets of fives but I must have had my numbers wrong as all I needed was another three followed by a partial floorboard to reach the very edge.

Again, I had to rip some boards lengthwise.

At this point I had a section of the existing roof removed so that I could access the stops on the pipe clamps against the central achorage beam.

I wanted to screw this section down again but I did not want to revisit it.

This meant I needed to disassemble the various joined lengths of pipe clamp (over 5 metres when screwed together) and remove the temporary clamping spine I had installed over a month ago.

After this I was able to replace the roof sheets.

By now it was 2.30 pm.

I was inclined to start installing the last section of temporary roof but the problem with this is that much of the work is an "all or nothing" affair - that is, once you start, your are committed to completing the whole job on the day.

There are two steps that can be performed independently - installing the middle riser to take the rafters as the midway point, and preparing (cleaning) the sheeting.

I decided to go with the cleaning step because the middle riser installation is best followed immediately by laying the sheeting in a temporary layout.

Most of the rest of the day went on cleaning up the allocated sheeting using a high pressure sprayer.

About half the sheets have been taken up to the loft level.

Sandy and Jim visited for an hour and then I needed to pack up and store materials away.

I might find the energy to get out on Sunday and install the middle riser. Alternatively at the end of a working day during next week if we have a few fine days.


After work, I headed out to site and installed the middle riser - quite a quick job actually

Progress by the end of the day