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2017-Mar-11 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #15
I made better progress today.

Monday through Wednesday

After work each day I continued creating the 10 remaining floorboard runs that I need to finish off the front part of the loft.


I was up at 5.00 am and out at site by 6.30 am.

I have a PFC 150 that drops slightly below the general joist level in the last metre before reaching the wall.

I used hoop iron to build it up to the surrounding grade and pop rivetted these pieces in place.

I also attached an extension to the piece of steel stud framing that is fixed above the outside wall frame.

This is what I measure to while clamping floorboards up tight. Because I have now reached a return the floorboard runs are longer than before and I need an extended reference point.

I was back in my office by 9.00 am.


I installed the first 4 floorboard runs out of 16 stored out on site.

This was made faster by the previous jobs I had completed.

Again, I was back in my office by 9.00 am.


I had left the previously installed floorboards exposed and a section of the temporary roof barely screwed down.

This let me make a quick start.

It was a very windy day - so I decided to completely remove a strip of the temporary roof to give me quick and easy access to the bracing spine and to the end stops on the pipe clamps.

I finished installing a further 12 floorboard runs and stopped for lunch.

Next I steel brushed off some more rusty swath at the very ends of the purlins and painted these areas up with cold galvanising.

It was Western Australian election day so I had a shower, changed clothes and went down to vote.

I had deliberately left the last 10 floorboard runs at home (storage on site was a bit of a problem) and I was tempted to shoot home to pick them up and continue laying them.

However, I realised that I had plenty of other valid jobs on site.

Although I am not quite ready to install the remaining roof section at the front I decided to spend my time making preparations. This way, there is a good chance I can do much of the preparation at home after work each day and perhaps shorten the installation time down to one day (instead of four).

I took my notebook up on to the loft and measured up all the materials I will need and make a list.

I have quite a few rough 4 x 2 timbers from a garage / studio demolition we did many years ago and there is a chance I will find what I need amoungst these.

Following this I reinstalled the sheeting I had lifted in the morning, rolled out the black plastic to cover the newly laid floorboards, patched up any holes in the plastic with gaffa tape and judiciously placed timber pieces to stop the plastic blowing around. Rain is forecast tomorrow so I hope I have pluged all the leaks.

This was time consuming and I was nearing the end of the day but I still managed to complete one more job.

I have already selected the sheeting to go over the last section of roofing but it is short by 1 metre.

I sorted through my more scrappy pieces of corrugated iron and cut some pieces up avoiding the worst holes and dints.

I should be able to install the remaining floorboards next weekend without a problem.

Progress by the end of the day