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2017-Mar-4 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #14
A disappointing day.

I have 25 floorboard runs left to complete the front of the house.

I realised mid week that there was a labour day holiday in Western Australia so I was fretting on having all 25 prepared in time for the long weekend.

I worked very late on Wednesday and Friday evening in an attempt to meet this target but the best I could do was 14 assemblies.

I was too exhausted on Friday evening to load these on to my utility so I had to spend half an hour early on Saturday morning doing this.

Once out on site I did the usual - raised the tarpaulin, carried tools up to the loft level and carried the floorboard components up as well.

I knew I had to treat the rust stains from the drilling swath.

Let me digress here for a moment and explain.

Many of the bridging brackets were installed during winter, on rainy days.

The swath from drilling the mounting holes remained on the lower surface of the purlins and gradually created a rust stain on top of the galvanising.

I am not sure if this superfical layer of rust would eventually eat in to the steel joists but I dd not want to take any chances.

What I really should have done was brush, wash or blow these filings off - but I was usually too tired at the end of the day to attend to this detail.

The job of cleaning up this rust stain involved brushing of any loose debris, washing down this part of the purlin, rubbing any remaining stains with a steel brush and finally coating the surface with cold galvanising.

All this took me about 4 hours as opposed to the 3 minutes it would have taken if I did the right job on the day.

So there is a lesson here.

By now it was 1.00 pm (somehow ?) and I stopped for lunch.

It was also becoming incredibly hot.

The next job was to add two more fixings on to the anchorage spine - I am now installing longer floorboard runs, having passed a return on the floor plan, and I need to be able to clamp at a more extreme position.

The area I needed to work in had very limited access because I have already roofed over it.

It was so hot I almost forgot what I was doing.

Somehow it was now 3.30 pm and I was feeling unwell.

I retreated inside until 4.30 pm but I was still not feeling up to work - so I packed up and went home.

I'm feeling a bit burned out on house construction at the moment so I might give it a break until next weekend.

I can certainly use the Monday public holiday to create the remaining floor board runs but I won't attempt to get out on site to install them.