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2017-Feb-25 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #13
All I intended to do today was replace the sump pump in the septic system.

However, I had also created 5 floorboard runs to take my flooring progress up to a critical junction.

I wanted to install these just to make sure I had my gauge marking correct before cranking out a further 25.

The only complications were the need to extend the pipe on my 4 sash clamps and to temporarily undo and pop up part of the roof covering so that I could access the anchorage point.

I finished this job by 11.00 am but by now the septic pumping tank was in full sun and it was 41 degrees.

I retired indoors until 4.30 pm and worked on a whole lot of tasks in the air conditioning.

Once I started work on the pump it all went quite smoothly.

I had previously installed a barrel connector and this obviated the need to cut through the 40 mm PVC piping and having to glue in a joiner.

In fact, it turned out that the replacement pump was an identical model to the faulty one.

The only hiccup was I needed an adjustable plumber's shifter to unscrew the short riser from the pump body.

I borrowed this from Ross for a few minutes.

Jim and Sandy turned up as I was finishing and helped me replace the tank top.

Overall a reasonably productive day.

Progress by the end of the day