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2017-Jan-14 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #10
My aim today was to switch the anchorage point for the sash clamps from the east edge of the house to a beam bolted over the centre of the hallway.

Also to fill in the temporary roof gable edge with some sheet metal.

To do both of these tasks I needed to progress the floorboards passed the middle of the hallway.

During the week I had prepared 10 floorboard runs during breaks from work.

This was sufficient to let me completely cover the hallway.

So Saturday morning my first job was to carry the timbers of the floorboard runs up to the loft level.

I also extended the sash clamps to their maximum by adding on my small sash lengths.

Unfortunately these really long composite sash lengths had to act against a timber I had bolted on the eastern side for the attachment of vertical sheeting.

As I tightened the clamps I head a cracking sound and discovered that the two bolts holding down this piece of timber were not enough and it had broken under the load.

I temporarily removed the beam and went back to clamping as per usual.

I installed the 10 runs as two sets of 5.

These went in fairly smoothly and I was finished around 2 pm.

Sandy and Jim dropped by for a while and then I created a new gauge for the western side of the house.

I also reinstalled the cracked beam (it's only for some temporary corrugated iron to attach to)and covered the western gable up with black builder's plastic.

During the week I will purchase a 5.4 m length of pine to install in the middle of the hallway floorboards to act as the anchoring point for the west side floorboards.

Today's experience has shown me that it will need to be attached at more points than just the extremities.

Progress by the end of the day