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2016-Dec-31 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #1
I went shopping this morning.

When I pulled out the corrugated iron for the temporary roof I noticed that some of them were very messy and would need a lot of cleaning before spray painting.

For this reason I used a Christmas Bunnings voucher to buy a very basic pressure washer.

Also for spray painting the sheets I bought another spray gun - my previous one was all blocked up, plus I could not find it anyway.

At Bunnings I also bought a whole lot of threaded rod, washers, and nuts - in both 10 mm and 12 mm.

These will also be used in the temporary roof.

I went to all the trouble to bring my trailer but when I arrived at Midland Timber I found they were closed - probably opening again on Jan 9th.

I was wanting to buy some more 2400 x 1200 x 12 mm multiply sheeting - but this will have to wait.

The same product was available at Bunnings but at almost twice the price.

The rest of the day went on watching TV and drinking cider - ie a slack day

Monday through Friday

I did not keep an accurate record of what I did on these days.

I'm taking an extra week off to try to install the loft floor as quickly as possible.

I'm up to 5 metres installed so now it is time to build some temporary roof.

This took me all week over some very hot days.

Sometimes I was so hot and tired I even forgot what I was doing and why.

By Friday I had installed rafters, battens and sheeting to cover an area of 4 metres by 5.2 metres.

I'm really tired now and I intend to have Saturday and Sunday off before going back to my usual day job.

5 metres of floor boards installed

Floorboards cut around flange bolting area

Roof rafters, battens installed over 5.2 x 4m area

Sheeting installed

Ian helped me install the sheeting