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2016-Dec-24 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #9
By Saturday I had prepared floorboard runs 21 thru to 45.

Previously I had taped each run together but this was time consuming - both taping up and removing the tape.

Each piece is well labelled so I laid the shorter pieces down in the well of the utility and leaned the longer lengths over the cabin.

I was also carrying 4 x 1.8 m sash clamps and 4 x 2.7 m pipe lengths.

I was concerned that I would wear myself out on site first thing just carrying all the materials up to the loft level.

However, I parked the car out on the street level and only had to mount a few step of the temporary staircase in order to slide the components on to the beach head work area.

I was able to collate the floorboard runs back together quite easily as I unloaded them.

It was a hot day but I managed to install runs 20 through to 35.

I will be back on Monday to install 36 through 44. Also to sweep up all the leaves so that Ross can do some welding for me on Wednesday (as long as there isn't a total fire ban)


Kind of a funny start to the day - though at the time I was furious.

I had my blower serviced 4 months ago and used it shortly after, without problems.

This morning I went to use it and found that it was jammed - I was unable to move it to the choke position.

I was really pissed off - I had counted on it letting me blow all the leaves off the decks in about 30 minutes.

Instead I spent an hour slowly sweeping the leaves away with a small inadequate broom.

I kept going back to the machine and attempting to start it without any choke.

In my head I was going through the scenario where I would angrily return it to the service centre and demand that it be fixed without charge.

Eventually, on one of my attempts I found I could move the lever to the choke position - I assumed that the carburettor had finally lubricated up enough with the passage of petrol through it.

This was a huge relief and I was able to finish the job off quickly.

Then the penny dropped. I had a close look at the choke lever and realised that it had been replaced during the last service and its behaviour was by design - in order to move it to the choke position I needed to pull it slightly at right angles to get it passed a stop.

So - a good thing that I discovered this on my own - it would have been very embarrasing to be shown this at the shop after pounding the counter.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful - I installed another 8 runs of floorboards and then marked the gauge up for the joist posiitions in the middle of the floor.


Not as productive as I had hoped. Getting in to the holiday groove.

I managed to produce the last 6 runs for the front RHS.


Unloaded my floorboard runs, ready for installing.

Today was the day that Ross was scheduled to weld some extensions on to my landing so that I can bolt some steel frame on rather than welding it directly.

While I waited for Ross to do his thing, I experimented further with gluing in wood plugs to cover up the 10 mm countersinks I am using - very slow - I will have to think of a way to get someone else to do it :-)

Ross was finished pretty quickly and did a very nice job.

After this, I installed the last 6 floorboard runs.

I had a bit of fun because run 6 transitioned between two different joist spacings.


I had hoped to prepare 20 floorboard runs for the area over the passage way but only managed 8.


I installed the 8 runs by mid day and then went on to design the temporary roof and to sort out supplies - existing 600 mm frames, 4 x 2 lengths, corrugated iron sheets.

I made up a list of materials I need to buy.

Materials packed to go

Progress by the end of the day

By the end of Monday

Extending the landings

Progress by the end of Wednesday