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2016-Dec-17 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #8

I was disappointed that I had only laid 4 of the 10 prepared floor runs on Sunday, so after work on Monday I headed out to site, laid the floorboards in position, and clamped the long compression beam against them.

Just as I was finishing up it started to rain lightly so I quickly applied the protective tarpaulins and packed up.

On Thursday I headed down to Toolmart again looking for a solution to the problem of placing the screw heads accurately at 7 mm below the deck surface.

I dug out the adjustable gauges belonging to my tek gun and went shopping for driver bits of the right length.

Fortunately Toolmart were able to help me out.


I had to wait around on site between 9.00 am and 12.00 am for the telephone to be activated so I decided to reach site early and fix in the remaining 6 floor board runs.

After a little experimentation I was able to set the tek gun up to achieve a consistent screw head placement of 7 mm.

This really reduced the physical effort required as I did not have to tense up to manually pull the driver away when I judged that I had reached the correct depth.

I fixed the 6 boards relatively quickly and then went on to check that my joist position gauge was accurate enough across the entire floor area.

After this, I copied the gauge positions on to a new piece of 5.4 metere 45 x 90 mm pine so that I could have the same gauge at home and on site.

Then I had to return to my office as soon as possible because a client needed my help


Stayed home and prepared another 10 floorboard runs

Tek gun set up to place screws accurately

Progress by the end of Friday