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2020-Mar-28 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #23
Monday After testing out my routing and rebating of the cross beams, I had organised for these to be sprayed on Monday in my absence.

This all went ahead seamlessly.


After giving the beams 3 days to dry out after their spraying - it was time to coat them with primer to retain the chemical.

I organised to work from the building site for the day.

During work breaks I carried the beams up to the street level and placed them on carpentry horses.

During my lunch break I applied a coat to one side.

Then at the end of the working day I applied one coat to the other side.


I have been hearing rumours of a total lockdown for the Covid19 virus - it may never happen.

However, I really wanted to bolt the beams in place and take some critical measurements so that I had plenty to carry on with at home.

I organised with my client to work on site on Friday and do their work on Saturday.

This worked out well and I achieved about two thirds of the tasks I was hoping to complete.

Primer coating the beams.

Installing beams using the winch up trolley

Progress by the end of the day