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2016-Oct-8 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #1
Last Saturday morning I visited Midland Timber and picked up 5 x 2400 x 1200 x 9 mm external ply sheets.

I cut three of them up at 2100 x 1200 with the intention to use the offcuts to take the 3 x 1200 up to 4000.

During the week I gave all sheets two coatings of a decking oild.


A very wet and stormy day.

At best the rain reduced down to very fine drizzle.

I leaned two 4 x 2 pieces of jarrah against the wall and slid the sheets up, also using a ladder for assistance.

In breaks in the rain I lifted all sheets, cut the offcuts to the exact size required and screwed all sheets down to the purlins.

I have installed the sheets in to the wet area of the ensuite and from this point forward to the front of the house.

This will let me make a start on laying the floorboards.

I also took home a number of lengths of 4x2 around about 4 metres in length.

This will let me do some bush carpentry during the week to build a working staircase up on to the loft floor.

Working platform installed