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2016-Sep-25 - UK Trip 2016 - Kew Gardens - Sunday
We waited at the bus stop outside our lodgings for a bus that would take us down to the railway station.

It turns out that the published bus timetables are a work of fiction.

After waiting for 45 minutes we took a taxi on the advice of a fellow bus user that we struck up a conversation with.

It was almost an hour until the next fast train to Paddington was departing so we took the slow train that stops at every station.

This took about an hour and a half to reach Ealing Broadway passing through my old stomping ground of Pangbourne and Reading.

The information office, the previous day, had given us an itinery that took a complicated, time consuming pathway through the tube system to reach Kew Gardens via Paddington.

After examining the tube map we instead decided to risk getting off at Ealing Broadway and take a different, more direct route.

Part of this line was closed for maintenance work but we would have encountered the same problem whichever way we approached our destination.

We had to disembark at Chisick and take a rail replacement service.

This was a problem for Linda.

I know in Western Australia, when there is a problem on one of the lines, the replacement buses pull up very close to the rail platforms.

In this case we had to walk several blocks up and down hills and Linda found the going very hard.

We were also thrown by the advice that a rail employee would be at the bus stop giving information - this was not the case.

Eventually we managed to catch the appropriate bus and ended up outside the main entrance gate to Kew Gardens.

Fortunately they had free wheelchairs available so I was able to push Linda around and we covered a lot more distance in the huge grounds than if Linda was attempting to walk it.

Most of our time went on visiting three of the famous glass enclosures.

One section featured Australian fauna.

It was quite amusing to walk around a display that looked like our garden.

Then the reverse travel process to make our way back to Oxford.

Linda was very keen to visit "The Bear" - a tiny pub in which a number of scenes were filmed for "Morse".

It was too cold to sit outside so we squeezed ourselves on to the end of a table occupied by strangers and eventually were engaged in animated conversation.

By now it was rather late on a Sunday evening so we phoned for a taxi that dropped us outside our lodgings.