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2016-Sep-28 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #56

We arrived back from England at 2.30 am this morning, got to bed at 3.30 am and I was up at 9.30 am.

I wandered around in a daze, had coffee at Dome, loaded all my tools back in to my car and eventually headed back out to Wooroloo.

I only managed to install 3 more bridging brackets - so obviously not very alert at this stage.


I had organised with my main client to start work on the following Monday so this gives me 3 or 4 days to catch up on the lost weekends while I was away.

Today I achieved a lot more - completed the run of brackets at the back of the house, drilled all the remaining holes needed at the front of the house, installed half the brackets at the front of the house.


I was out on site at 6.30 am, installed the last of the brackets, tested out the pop rivet tool I have purchased several months ago and was home by 1.00 pm (got an appointment for later in the day)

Back quarter bridging completed

Front quarter bridging completed