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2020-Feb-8 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #16
I was up very early and headed out to site to perform a test fitting of the column.

At this stage all the welds were just tacked.

All worked out well and I was able to mark up the exact plate positions for securing the base of the column.

By 9.30 am I was finished and headed back to Mundaring to meet Ian for a coffee and then to help him offload a matress.

Once back home I worked my way through all the welds making them more permanent.


I clamped all the bottom plates in to the marked up position and then drilled 12 mm holes through.

Monday thru Friday

I gradually applied two coats of cold galvanising to all the welds and raw steel surfaces.

Test fitting all ok

Plates drilled through

Finalising the column

Cold galvanising