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2016-Sep-5 - UK Trip 2016 - Arrival Heathrow - Monday
The next leg of our journey delivered us to Heathrow seven hours later.

We were met by a wheelchair and after filling in our arrival forms we found ourselves in the fast lane at immigration and then on to customs.

We had brought some Stuart Desert Peas as a gift for a friend of Linda's so we declared these at customs.

They asked us "Are you international drug smugglers ?" and we answered "No" and we were through in mere minutes (much slower if you say you have nothing to declare).

I was very concerned about getting back on line as quickly as possible so that I could support my clients if they had any problems. We stopped in at a shop selling local SIMS and I organised one for my mobile and a dongle for my notebook. (the dongle was a bit of a rip off - 75 pounds where as a lot of shops give them away for free - but I was too tired to shop around).

I went with Orange/EE but I would not recommend them as their coverage in GB is rather flakey - a discovery that I found rather surprising. I think we have much more consistent coverage in Australia.

By this time our bodies thought it was midnight so I am glad that I insisted that we stay at a hotel near the airport - very expensive but much better than attempting to pick up the hire car after a long flight and fight our way North to Banbury.

We took a taxi to the nearby hotel, enjoyed a shower and a very pleasant but expensive dinner and a few beers.