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2016-Sep-14 - UK Trip 2016 - Through Napton Locks - Wednesday
A lot of running around today as I worked the locks and Linda drove the boat (she is getting much better).

In a lot of cases out boat going down the locks alternated with a boat coming up the locks.

This meant that there was a lot of cooperation with raising and lowering the paddles and opening the gates.

In many cases the next lock would be left set ready for us to motor straight in to.

We became reasonably skilled at pulling in to the temporary mooring position just before the lock while we waited for an ascending boat to come through.

I was pretty hot and thirsty by the time we moored up in Napton so our first port of call was the Folly pub for some liquid refreshments and lunch.

It was all a bit hot and humid inside the pub and even out on the lawn area so we dragged a table under the shade of a tree and had a very enjoyable lunch.

At the same time we booked a table for dinner as well.

I walked down to the local shop in Napton to buy the paper.

I don't know what happened to the rest of the day - I think I fell asleep on a bunk inside the boat while watching television.