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2016-Sep-12 - UK Trip 2016 - From locks to Wharf Pub - Monday
I was planning to let Linda do the driving today to help her gain some confidence.

However - the canal was very winding with many sharp turns so I took over.

After 4 hours of navigating all the twists and sharp bends I was quite exhausted from throwing the tiller backwards and forwards vigorously.

I notice that the experienced boaters seem to manage with a lot less drama - so I guess it is a matter of learning how to make it look effortless.

It seemed that whenever we went under a bridge it would immediately be followed by a sharp turn and another boat coming the other way.

On a few occasions I had to perform an emergency reverse thrust and we also ended up stuck in the rough brambles and reeds on the bank a few times.

Despite all the hard work it was an enjoyable journey - lots of hedges, agricultural land, lambs and beef cattle along the way.

Also, apparently, it was one of the hottest days in the UK for a hundred years. All the locals were complaining about the heat but to me it just felt like a very warm spring day.

We moored up at the Wharf Inn and had lunch in the beer garden, looking out on to the canal.

The supplies at the pub shop were pretty limited so I walked in to Fenny Compton to the local co-op to buy the paper and some bread.

This was a mile each way along a noisy road but I met some other boaters who told me about a path leading back to the canal - giving a much more pleasant walking experience.

We pottered around for the rest of the day and also had dinner at the Inn.

Hard work under the bridges and around the bends

Enjoying the pub and canal view

Tied up for the night, just before the pub