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2020-Feb-1 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #15
On Saturday most of the day went towards repairing various tools including the welding helmet.

I had bought a cheap one just in case but I thought I would have a go at repairing my original.

It had stopped responding to the welding flash and the headstrap had broken.

For the first issue, I had replaced the two power cells, and given all surfaces a good clean.

Also, I found that the previous filter cover replacements were still covered by their protective plastic sheeting.

Peeling this off resulted in a much clearer view.

I used milk bottle plastic and small pop rivets to repair the broken head band and in the end I had a working helmet.

At the end of the day I made a start on cutting up the 75 x 10 mm bar for the top and bottom of the column.


Linda was unwell from a bee sting the previous day so we did not make our usual visit to the cinema.

This gave me an extra day to work on the column.

I cut the column to length, drilled mounting holes in to the top bracket piece and tack welded this on to the column.

I then made a visit out to site to check that the column, along with its top and bottom headers, would fit accurately in to place.

I also caught up with Jim and Sandy for a coffee.

Back home, I continued with the tack welding.

Monday to Friday

Each day I made a little bit of progress towards tack welding in place all the additional steel work that would allow the bottom of the column to be securely located between the purlins,

Repairing the welding helmet

Work started on the first column

Tack welded column loaded up for testing