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2016-Aug-13 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #53
Very frustrating - I had hoped to make some real progress today but on Friday, suddenly, had to have a BCC removed from my back.

This means no drilling work on the purlins - I rely on pushing with my back against one purlin to drill the next one.

Instead I spent the day performing a whole lot of odd jobs.

First off - I retrieved 15 slabs from my cache of slabs - these are being used on another project.

Then marking up the drilling positions for four lines of bridging - two at front, two at back.

Rather than crawl perilously along a narrow scaffolding plank I just marked the position at either end, ran a string line, and then moved a ladder along underneath, marking off each position.

At this point Jim and Sandy popped in for a coffee.

After they left I cleaned up the large compost heap in the back corner by putting all sorts of twigs and branches through the mulcher - these had been caught up in the latest layer that Ross had pushed on to it with his earth moving equipment.

Then I started drilling out the 12 mm holes on the outside faces of the front and back PFC's - no pushing with my back, just using body weight off the top of a ladder to push these through.

I ran out of time on these - will have to finish them off next week.