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2016-Jul-30 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #51
Again, any spare moments during the week were given over to creating the bridging mounting brackets (36 this time) and cutting the 750 mm spans down to 250 mm.

I had hoped to be out on site by 6.30 am but had to deal with a client problem at 5.00 am.

Once out on site I ran a string line to mark up the next run of bridging at the front of the house.

I am getting efficient at the drilling process and by 2.00 pm had most of the front bridging installed.

The day was further interrupted dealing with the client problem and at 2.00 pm I was expected to visit a local friend.

I was back on to the job at 3.00 pm, completed the front and started on marking up and drilling the back run.

I had intended to work right up to dark but was visited by some local neighbours. I am hoping to finish the drilling on Sunday afternoon and maybe visit the site on lunch breaks to install the bridging pieces.

I am attempting to complete one run a week to keep the project moving.

Materials prepared during the week

Second row installed at front of house