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2016-Jul-23 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #50
During the week, whenever I had a break, I worked on creating more bridging brackets - drilling through template to create "dimples", drilling 12mm and 14 mm holes, painting raw metal with cold galvanizing.

By the end of the week I had 36 new brackets.

I had hoped to visit the site very early on Tuesday morning and complete the run I had started.

However, the middle of the week was lost to fighting off a cold or a flu.

Linda has been very sick. I appear to have escaped it though I did have two days of feeling tired and sore.

On Saturday I finished off the run, redid the first three positions that I was unhappy with and mounted brackets on a complete run at the front of the building.

Of the 14 bridges to install a the front I managed to complete 5 as the light faded.

I'm hoping to pop out on Sunday and finish them off.


I did manage to get out on site, about 11.00 am and installed the remaining 9 braces over a period of about 2 hours.

Sandy and Jim popped in for a visit also.

Later in the day I finished mulching up the gum tree canopy and then processed the prunings from the pepper tree.

I have a large soil/compost heap up the back corner that I will be adding all the mulch to.

I notice that Ross had also pushed some leaves, twigs and branches on to this pile as well.

It would be good to find the time to rake this out and put everything through the mulcher so that it breaks down much more quickly.

First Run completed - back of house

First Run completed - front of house