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2020-Jan-25 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #14

I completed the bracing on the new door frame during the week.

Today I rebated the frame to accept the hinges.

6 rebates took me the whole day.

Monday through Friday

I am now at the point where I am ready to start cutting and welding the two insert columns needed for the back wall.

However - Monday and Tuesday were total fire ban days due to the 40 degree temperatures.

I decided that I wanted to set up to do this in my workshop.

This is a completely enclosed space and hence would be legal.

However, it was full of cardboard boxes, oil based paints, flammable liquids, timber offcuts and throw covers.

Also I could barely walk in past the door way. (I have not tidied it for about 10 years).

I spent Monday through Wednesday removing all fire risks to a different storage place and tidying everything away.

Under the benches is quite a lot of material that is hung like curtains to keep dust out of the stored items.

I was concerned about this catching a welding spark so I did a quick and dirty installation of some mdf sheeting to cover all the risky materials.

This took me Thursday and Friday to complete.

Also for a 5 metre radius around this area I raked up and mulched any leaves as an added precaution.

New door frame braced and stacked

Workshop cleaned up for safe welding