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2016-Jul-16 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #49
During the week, during any breaks, I continued slicing the lengths of galvanized angle in to 100 mm brackets.

I have had to order one more 3 m length because I was about 30 pieces short of my goal of 150.

On Friday, after work, I cut up 10 full size lengths of bridging.

Each full size length consists of a 750 mm outside and a 750 mm inside length of punched galvanized strut.

Each strut I cut in to 3 x 250 mm lengths. An inner and outer piece combine perfectly to give a 450 mm bridge.

Linda helped by painting the raw cuts with cold galvanizing paint and bolting the inner and outer strus together to create 30 pieces.

As she did this, I frantically filed off the burrs from the cutting process and packed my utility with tools, ready for the next day.


Heavy rain was forecast for the entire day so I did not expect to achieve anything up on deck.

I took the mulcher with me expecting to spend most of the day working under the protection of the veranda.

Out on site I washed the dishes in the kitchen, swept the floors, and created a template for marking up the drilling positions on the purlins.

It was only drizzling slightly so I placed some scaffolding planks over the bare purlins, gingerly climbed along them, ran a string line and marked a 1.3 metre position on each of the back purlins.

I then worked my way along each purlin using the template to drill the two mounting holes for the brackets.

Apart from the odd outbreak of drizzle for just a few minutes at a time, I was able to install the brackets and mount up the bridging struts between them.

I made surprisingly good progress on this up until about 4.00 pm when the rain set in.

I then spent an hour under the veranda and almost completed mulching up the last of the fallen canopy from two weeks ago.

Finally the rain really set it and there were so many water drips through the temporary veranda corrugated iron that I was getting wet no matter where I stood.

I packed it in, had some dinner and a shower then headed home.

Around about Sawyers Valley the rain fall was intense and I was concerned that I would encounter flooding across the road - however, I made it home safely.

I had intended to make a very early visit to site on Tuesday to complete the row of bridging struts but I have now come down with the flu - so I am taking the day very quietly.

Bridging struts reconfigured to 450 mm

Raw bracket blanks

Brackets removed from the full size struts

Template for drilling bracket mounting holes

Progress by the end of the day