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2016-Jul-2 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #47

I'm having a week off work at the moment.

All of this week has been devoted to cleaning up the house and yard.

However, on Friday, I needed to create some test brackets for the bridging.

I created just enough to span two purlins.

I also cut a piece of a bargain purchase bridging struts in to thirds - giving perfect components for spanning 400 mm.

The template piece was not drilled out very precisely and in the drill press the drill bit walked a bit.

The end result is that when I bolt the brackets either side of a purlin there is a 4mm error.


I did not get away from home until after 8.00 am - we have some plasterers doing repairs around the house and I needed to talk to them before heading off.

Once out in Wooroloo I decided I should vote in the federal election before settling down to work.

Consequently it was after 10.00 am before I made a start.

Marking up and drilling holes was pretty slow - I was still working out a strategy at this stage.

The first span from the outside PFC to the first purlin was more than the 400 mm I was expecting.

As a result, I had to bolt the inner and outer telescopic sections at the first pair of bolt holes with very little overlap.

This gave the assembly a bow in the middle.

The second bridge went in as expected with a two hole overlap of the sections.

I also had to fiddle around clamping out the twists in the purlins - surprisingly significant despite overall appearances.

I learned a lot from this attempt. I will create a large quantity of brackets and telescopic sections based on what I have learned - but I think I will rework the test installation - it does not have a satisfactory appearance.

At this stage, rain is forecast for next Saturday - so a good day to stay at home and just produce the components.

It was mid afternoon by this stage.

I had brought the mulcher with me process the tree canopy I cleaned up last week.

I ran through a tank of petrol and processed 80% of the branches.

It made a big difference - 4 trailer loads of branches and leaves reduced to one wheelbarrow full of mulch.

There is still more to clean up - not sure when I will get back to this again.

Bridging bracket

Bridging assembly

Test bridging installation