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2016-May-28 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #42
A wet day was forecast.

Even though I had prepared purlins that could be bolted in to the open plan part of the structure, I decided to stay at home and prepare the remaining components for the front hallway.

Turns out - it only rained twice - so maybe I could have worked on site.

However, it was a very productive day - I did all the "hard yards" to create another 30 right angle brackets needed for the hallway purlins.

A lot of work to save $150.

I cut a 125 x 75 mm purlin in to 80 mm segments. The piece of steel I bought last Saturday yielded 33 pieces.

Then each piece needed to be ground to clean up its edges and 3 holes drilled.

After this primer and then top enamel coat.

By the end of Saturday I had all brackets cut, cleaned and drilled and 13 brackets almost painted to the red enamel top coat stage.

First thing Sunday I completed the top coat on the 13 brackets.

We had our Sunday morning family / movie / eat out morning and on the way home detoured out to site where I picked up 6 spare brackets.

On returning home I painted one side of the 20 remaining brackets with primer and installed the 6 brackets on to 3 x 2010 mm x 2.0 mm purlins.

Later in the evening I primed the other sides.

The 13 finished purlins should be ready to use on Monday and the 20 primed brackets should be enamelled and ready to go on Tuesday.

It will be a close run enterprise to have all purlins ready for next Saturday but if I can do 5 per day (ie drill and bolt on a bracket at each end of the purlin) then I might be ready to install the entire hallway next Saturday.

I will create some surplus purlins because I am still not quite sure at this stage how I will space out the purlins that run between the wet areas on either side of the hallway.

All purlins docked, cleaned, painted

Lintel marked up for cutting in to brackets

Brackets cleaned, drilled, primed

Brackets set up on 15 purlins