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2016-May-14 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #40
Again, with a rain forecast for Saturday, I was tempted to swap Friday with Saturday.

However, the forecast was for just a little rain early in the morning.

Sure enough, I was up at 5.00 am and just as I was getting ready to go at around 6.00 am, the rain came in.

The weather radar showed just one band of rain bearing clouds so I pushed on and headed out to site.

I was able to start working outsite at around 10.00 am with the occasional break due to drizzle.

I solved this reasonably efficiently by keeping all the power tools in the wheelbarrow, under the outdoor umbrella, and covered it with a sheet of iron whenever rain threatened.

Today was the day where I went back over last week's successful installation of 18 purlins and tidied up some of the details.

There were 10 purlins in the back section that needed fixing to the cleats, three of these needed further notching.

On one side of the house I had to work with my left hand (still a bit vulnerable from last week's graze).

Also I was using three different drills to run the three different drill bits (two pilot, one 12 mm final).

I found that I had to remove the purlin next to the one I was installing and this was very inefficient and took a long time.(the whole morning)

By the time I worked on the other side of the house I found I could use my right hand.

Also I found it much quicker and easier just to use one drill (my cordless that easily fitted between the purlins) and change between the 3 drill bits. So no dismantling earlier work.

By the time I packed away all the tools it was 5.00 pm and getting dark - so I called it a day.

Next week I hope to make some progress on the joists across the central main corridor.

Bolting to cleats completed