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2016-Apr-30 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #38
Monday (public holiday)

I cut 30 blank brackets out of my supply of lintel steel.


During breaks from work, I ran the blanks through a bench grinder to remove burrs and straighten out any imperfections in the cutting.


In the evening I painted all the brackets with primer.


In the evening, and next morning I painted all the brackets with the "Fire Engine Red" enamel top coat.


I had hoped by Saturday to have a supply of purlins cut to length with the right angle brackets attached.

However, I fell well short of this target and was contemplating just installing some prepared 2 m purlins down the corridor.

Come Saturday morning I was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to have lazy day.

I slept in until 7.00 am, had a coffee and read the paper.

Then I had some exercise, walked down to the Dome Café in the beautiful autumn weather (sun came out for a couple of hours) and had another coffee.

Somehow, it was not until midday that I started on work.

Using my measurements sheet I worked my way through the 18 remaining purlins (4 to go actually) and marked up the cutting and notching lines on each piece.

I brought them down to our patio area, five at a time, on the back of my utility.

I am hoping that on Sunday I can complete marking up the final four pieces and then embark on the trimming process, perhaps even bolt on some of the brackets.

Sunday to Thursday

During work breaks in the following week, I cut each purlin to length and cut out any notching where required.

I also bolted on the right angle brackets.


I took the first 8 purlins out to site so that I could handle the remaining 10 on Sunday (storms forecast on Saturday, Sunday merely overcast)

Another 30 brackets fabricated

Purlins marked up

Cut to length, notched, brackets attached

First 8 taken out to site