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2016-Apr-23 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #37
During breaks from work on Thursday and Friday I managed to prepare another 4 purlins giving a total of 12 ready to install.

Out on site, the double bracketed purlins installed the most quickly - I just had to drill a 12 mm hole through the top plates at each end and bolt it down.

The purlins installed to the back area of the house took longer as I had to drill out 12 mm holes in the purlins where they attached to the cleats of the open area spanning beams.

I had several visitors during the day - Eric who lives locally and Sandy and Jim.

I finished my intended tasks by 4.30 pm then had coffee with Sandy and Jim,

Still 18 purlins to go - I might have a stay at home day next week to prepare these.

I also need to fabricate another 24 right angle brackets - so it might be two weeks before I get to site.

12 prepared purlins to take out to site

Progress by the end of the day