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2016-Apr-7 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #35
Rain and storms were forecast for Friday and Saturday so I decided to work on site on Thursday and spend Saturday working for my clients.

The first job was to finish the installation of the 4 purlins that I erected last thing last week.

One needed 5mm shaved off and then it was a perfect fit.

I drilled and bolted all 4 beams to the cleats on the steel beams that span the open planned area of the lounge / dining room.

Then I moved on to installing my stock of 1.5 mm second hand stock.

I cut 6 pieces to length, installed 2 in the back area and 2 in the front area. The remaining two will probably take about an hour to complete.

Averaging about 6 purlins per weekend.

I have 22 new purlins arriving soon.

I will take them straight home and spend a couple of weekends cutting them to exact length, notching out where necessary and bolting on the right angle cleats.

Hopefully they will then install relatively quickly.


I visited the site for a short while in the afternoon and cut the remaining purlins down to 4.1 metres so that I could bring them home easily on my utility

1.5 mm purlins installed