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2016-Mar-26 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #33
I took advantage of the Friday public holiday (Easter) to prepare for floor joist installation.

The first job was to run new string lines for the outside walls and hallway and straighten the walls as much as possible by adjusting the existing diagonal braces.

This took up to midday.

The next job was to copy the purlin positions to all stud frames and then measure the lengths of purlins required at each position.

This took me up to the end of the day.

It allowed me to work out how to assign the existing purlins that I have and to work out how many more I need to buy.

Sandy and Jim dropped by at the end of the day.

I had hoped to come back tomorrow and actually start installing purlins but it looks like heavy rain is on the way and may last until the end of Sunday.

I might need to defer any more work until the Monday public holiday.


An overcast day with the very occasional very light drizzle.

I was pretty slow getting out to site and pretty slow getting started.

However, I managed to install the first four purlins - mainly using the shortest ones.

Must order 22 new lengths this coming week.

I think I will keep them at home, cut them to exact length during work breaks and bolt on any cleats needed, then install them relatively quickly out on site.

Judging from my speed on Sunday I am expecting to install about 6 per weekend with maybe 8 on a very good day.

Markups and measurements

First purlin installed