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2016-Mar-19 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #32
I guess the best description for today would be "interesting".

Certainly not "a resounding success".

The day started well.

I was out on site at 7.00 and had the tarpaulin up in 20 minutes.

Today's objective was to prime and top coat the purlins that I cleaned last week.

By midday I had finished priming 22 pieces.

Then I switched over to applying the top coat.

This is a metalic look enamel that goes off in about 20 seconds.

I'm getting reasonably competent at applying this.

Meanwhile, for the last 4 hours I could hear thunder to the west of me.

Phone conversations with Ian and Linda revealed that it had been raining heavily in Mundaring.

I was halfway through applying the enamel when it hit Wooroloo around 2.30 pm.

The precipitation graduated from light raindrops to heavy rain and hail.

I don't think any of the painted purlins will be affected as the top coat is touch dry in minutes and the oil based paint is not miscible with water.

However, the downpour was so heavy that it became impossible to work.

I was not even able to take down the tarpaulin.

I just threw my day pack in to the car and headed home.

On the road from Wooroloo to Great Eastern Highway (Government Road) I encountered wheel deep floods across the road and fallen trees.

At one point I was contemplating turning back to Wooroloo and staying there for the night.

Once I made it past the Lakes turnoff it was suddenly summer weather again with intense sunlight.

I was disappointed that I was not able to finish processing all the purlins but I guess I will just have to take a week longer that I planned.

Tomorrow afternoon I must go back and take down the tarpaulin.


The Sunday paper showed a photograph of a car up to its bonnet in the flood waters where I had passed through.

Looks like I made it out only minutes before the road closed.

I was concerned that the creek might flood so rang Ian next door - by Sunday morning the creek was full but stable.

In the afternoon I headed out to site.

I took down the tarpaulin and finished the top coat on the four outstanding pieces. It does not look like the rain caused any damage to the painted surfaces.

I did have ambitions to go on and paint the obverse sides but ran out of time and energy.

Jim and Sandy popped in for a chat.

Painting so far