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2004-Oct-31 - Wooroloo - Second day cleaning up the block - before cleaning up the bog
The previous week we spent many hours on the tall weeds. Having bought a brand new spanking new heavy duty brushcutter to erradicate the Watsonia weed on our own property - we were keen to use it on the block to knock down all the wild oats that posed a definite fire hazard.
Unfortunately no pictures of the wild oats on the street level plateau - but it was 5 ft high and very heavy going - even with two people using brush cutters.
Found a huge pile of debris in the middle of the wild oats that we couldn't even see until then.

Overgrown with wild oats on Ross's side of bog

Tree roots, logs, oats on Ian's side of bog

Creek choked with weed bull rushes

Looking in to Ross's part of the creek

Creek choked with weed bull rushes

Creek choked with weed bull rushes

Linda cleaning up Ross's side of the driveway