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2016-Feb-27 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #29
A disappointing day - I completed only a tiny fraction of what I had hoped to achieve.

I might be able to get out to site on Sunday afternoon and complete a number of half finished jobs - then I might feel like I am making progress.

The other disappointment is that my $100 tarpaulin is slowly getting ripped to pieces on the stand that is presently near the front edge of the house.

This will not improve until I complete a little bit of the 150 mm joist installation and move the stand to the middle of the house.

These joists are taking forever to install.

The day started well - I was out on site at 6.30 am and managed to "launch" the tarpaulin in just 15 minutes.

The top priority task for the day was to prepare a spliced Z150 purlin for Ross to Mig Weld.

I will then take it around to my structural engineer and see if he will give it the tick of approval.

The method that Ross is pushing strongly is very different to the method that has already been approved by two different structural engineers so I am am reluctant to proceed very far with it until I can have it evaluated by a professional.

Preparing the joist took me three hours.

This was the first run, so I am sure that I can get the time down to half an hour.

Still, for 30 joists, this is 15 hours work and I don't yet know what Ross is going to charge me for each set of welding.

A 4 metre 1.5 mm thick purlin will cost me $50 so I am thinking if the cost for welding is any more than $10 I will just give up on the splicing and buy some nice new ones.

I have a reasonable quantity that are of sufficient length but I need to do a survey and work out exactly how many I still need - I think it is roughly 30.

I did a very nice job on preparing the prototype splices joist but by the time I finished it was late morning and becoming very hot.

I spent the rest of the day moving in slow motion, down under the shade of the veranda - preparing and cutting various purlins to length. To be honest, it was so hot that I cannot even account for my time.

Jim and Sandy visited later afternoon and when I emerged from the house it was cool and the sun was starting to go down.

I made a preliminary attempt to install some joists but darkness fell too quickly (and I had another two visitors).

If I can get back to site on Sunday afternoon I might be able to knock over a whole lot of jobs quite quickly.


Out on site at 4.00 pm and worked up to 7.00 pm.

I completed marking up the long purlin running from the step, across the corridor in to the ensuite floor area.

Next I fixed down 4 right angles cleats - 3 with 12 mm bolts, one with a coach screw.

I drilled a set of 12 mm holes in to the 3 purlins and fixed them to their cleats with purlin bolts.

It seemed to take a really long time just to install three short purlins.


During my lunch break I visited Wooroloo and picked up the Z150 purlins I had already allocated for the outer sides of the communal toilet and bathroom and the hallway, picked up carpentry horses, paint, cleaning supplies.


At the end of the day, unloaded the Z150 purlins, placed them on horses, gave them a good scrubbing down with Jiff.


At the end of the day, cut the purlins to length, and notched out where necessary.

Treated any rust spots with converter, applied primer and top coat to any weathered areas.


Where appropriate, marked up position of right angle cleats, drilled and bolted the cleats on. Loaded all materials on to the utility.

Shorter piece cut for splcing in major piece

the join

Finished purlin (hi res image available)

First 150 mm Z purlins installed