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2016-Feb-20 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #28
Up at 5.00 am, out on site at 6:30 am, ready to raise the tarpaulin at 6:45 am.

I've got the tarpaulin time down to 30 minutes.

Let's see if I can improve on that.

It certainly was useful and let me work comfortably all day.

It was a good decision to deal with the bracket bolting issue on Friday as I only just finished the joists in the communal bathroom as the sun set.

Today was pretty much a repeat of last week.

This set of joists needed some quite tricky notching to fit in to the main beams

One set barely fitted and could only be installed by a difficult set of movements and rotations.

Sandy and Jim dropped in for an hour around midday but apart from that I worked solidly all day.

Communal bathroom floor