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2016-Feb-13 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #27
I was out on site by 6.30 am. It was 7:00 am by the time I unpacked and did some tidying up.

I hoisted the tarpaulin again - still taking me 45 minutes.

The front apron was badly damaged so I removed it.

Also the final corner eyelet popped and I had to do my usual "tie rope around a handful of plastic gathered in the corner".

Installation was just a repeat of last week. I installed the last two of the middle section of the ensuite floor and then the next 7 near the outside wall.

After this I went around and replaced all the 12 mm washers anchoring the major steels to the top plates with 50 x 50 mm washers, following Jim's advice.

By 4:30 I had completed all the jobs intended for the day and was contemplating my next project.

I would really like to move the support arm in to the middle of the floor (all the other methods of keeping the tarpaulin from slamming in to the deck are causing damage to the tarpaulin).

However, I realised that I still need to install a number of the 2 m joists across the hallway in order to pull this relocation off.

I was just having a looking through a small stash of short 150 purlins when Jim popped in for a chat.

After this it was getting dark so I packed up my tools, dropped the tarpaulin, had my dinner and headed home.

I have brought home all the purlin steel I need to prepare the joists for the bathroom over the stairs.

Hopefully during the coming week, in the evenings I can prepare all of these and go straight in to installation next weekend.

Monday, Tuesday

After work each day I managed to prepare the joists that will be needed next Saturday for the bathroom area.


After a customer site visit I popped out to Searles (only 10 minutes away) to pick up some more fine threaded 12 guage tek screws.


I was up at 5 am in the morning and out on site by 6:30 am.

I dropped off the completed joists and other supplies.

I then turned my attention to some missing bolting in the bathroom section.

With one beam cutting through another, I had done some preliminary work so that the strength was restored using some bolt on brackets.

There was a pair of high tensile bolts missing.

I had been putting off completing this as I knew it would be tricky, confined work.

I needed to have this sorted before Saturday as it would really take the momentum out of installing the joists.

Fortunately the 300 mm drill bits, that I had used previously, came to the rescue and let me drill two 12 mm holes through the intermediate beam so that I could bolt through bracket - beam - bracket and stiffen the beam up significantly.

A good piece of early morning work.

Completed floor joists

Large square washers installed

Joists prepared for the bathroom area

Brackets bolted through the pierced beam