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2016-Feb-6 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #26
Out on site at 6.15 am and worked inside until 7:15 am.

The tarp took 45 minutes to put up - need to work on getting this time down.

Today, I planned to install the 7 back to back C100 joists I prepared last week.

I thought that this would take about half an hour but with all the marking up and drilling of various holes this took me up to 11:30 am.

Next I cut up 14 x 1330 lengths to form another 7 back to back joists.

I was just about to cut the last one when Jim and Sandy popped in.

We sat around and had coffee for about an hour.

Then back to work on the purlins.

At this point I realised that instead of carting them up on to the roof to pin together, I could take them inside, work in the cool and watch a very interesting program on TV about the gardens of France.

This also had the added advantage that if I did not install all the joists I would not need to lug them back down again for safe keeping.

The pinning process took quite a while and by the time I had installed the first two, it was 5.30 pm.

I stopped for dinner and when I emerged it was time to drop the tarpaulin down on to the deck.

I then worked on in to the dark installing a very tricky joist right next to one of the main support beams.

I was contemplating coming back out on Sunday at 4.00 pm but it is now 3:00 pm on Sunday and the temperature outside feels like it is over 40 deg C - so have lost my enthusiasm for that.

Perhaps during the week I can do some early morning visits.


I nipped out to site early morning arriving at 6.30 am.

I managed to install two more floor joists plus load up some steel to take home.

I am allowing for the possibility that there might be a total fire ban on Saturday.

If that is the case then I can use the steel cut off saw in my workshop at home and still comply with regulations.

I need to cut and pin together 7 x 1500 mm back to back C100 purlins.


After work on Friday I cut up and assembled 7 more joist beams.

This involves a fair bit of work - cutting, pinning together back to back, drilling the coach screw holes.

I worked in to the dark aided by our outside lighting.

Second set of purlins almost installed