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2016-Jan-30 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #25
Saturday started off well.

I was out on site at 6.30 and spent about 20 minutes hoisting the tarpaulin up so that it sat nicely over the upright.

I continued working on the back to back C100 purlins in the communal toilet area of the loft floor.

I was still pretty slow at this stage - I installed each one individually - ie cut to length, pin back to back with tek screws, drill coach screw holes at one end, position and mark up purlin bolt positions and coach screw positions, remove and drill 12 mm holes, position and install / tighten purlin bolts, install coach screws - then repeat.

There were a few light showers but these did not bother me - I felt quite snug and comfortable under the protective shield of the tarpaulin.

Just as I finished the last joist, Jim and Sandy pulled up and we chatted for half an hour.

They invited me to come around for a coffee so I loaded all the tools on to the wheelbarrow, wheeled them away and locked them up.

I probably spent 1 1/2 hours around their house chatting.

Just as I headed back to work it started to rain in earnest.

Water balloons started to appear and I ran from one to another with a broom to empty then.

Suddenly the situation got out of control and I found one balloon had become too large for me to empty.

The results of all my efforts were that I ended up completely saturated.

I was attempting to deflect the water by balancing a broom on top of a step ladder.

This was not very successful - the broom would fall off after about 5 minutes as the tarpaulin flapped up and down.

I eventually hit on the idea of nailing a small rectangle (about A4 size) on the end of a 4 x 2 timber and clamping this in any position I could to elevate the low lying areas of the tarpaulin.

Two of these props solved the problem and erradicated the water balloons.

The only problem was that water was now pouring out of the tarpaulin near the upper edge of the temporary roof.

I inserted all sorts of planks and sheets of metal and hardiplank but for some reason it was leaking through the area below.

I set out buckets to catch the majority of the water and eventually removed some insulation batts that were holding moisture. I may also need to cut a bit more gyprock out of the garage ceiling if it turns messy (not a big issue as I have already had to chop out a lot while fitting stud frames above).

The rain was too heavy to contemplate wheeling the tools out again or doing any more work for the day.

After waiting for a few hours to see if the situation would improve I decided to pack it in.

For some reason I found all this a bit disheartening and I did not pack up any of the tools or even attempt to take the tarpaulin down.

I was frustrated that I had been unable to make more progress.


We went to a movie in the morning and I met some people interested in the computer museum at 2.00 pm.

Eventually I managed to head out to site at 4.00 pm.

The tarpaulin had suffered some minor damage overnight but I was able to fix this up in 10 minutes.

I then worked towards installing the first of the joists in to the ensuite area.

I did this in a batch like process - cut all to length first, then pin the pairs back to back with tek screws.

There are 7 pairs needed so a fair bit of time and effort was needed just to do this step.

At last I felt like I was making some progress - these 7 pieces should install pretty quickly first thing next weekend.

Around 7.00 pm I packed all my tools away to take home and dropped the tarpaulin right down on to the deck so that it will not suffer any damage during the week.

First set of floor joists installed