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2016-Jan-2 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #21
This week I am working towards installing the large beam over the hallway which will carry the load of the middle of the front roof.


Total fire ban. Also no power all day until 8.00 pm.

All I could do was work on raking up fire hazards so that when the fire ban was lifted I would have a safe area for cutting and welding steel.


Power back on but still a total fire ban.

I continued raking up leaves and strips of bark but I am not allowed to use a mulcher during the ban.

Consequently I have taken all the little fire hazards and heaped them up in to one big fire hazard.

Hope I can use the mulcher soon.


No fire ban.

Spent most of the day running heaps of leaves, branches, bark through the mulcher.

This turns a pile of debris the size of a bonfire in to a wheelbarrow or two of fine mulch.

Around 3 pm I set up carpentry horses, brought out the short steel lengths, the templates I created out on site, textas and set squares and marked up the steel for cutting.


Spent the day cutting up the small side arms for the main cross beam, grinding bevels for welding and welding on the cleats.

I still need to weld in the side arms. At this rate I can see that I am not going to be ready to install on Saturday.

I still need to organise a hoist as well.


Had a slow start.

First I set up two carpentry horses again but made sure that they were level.

Then I tack welded each of the 4 arms in place making sure that they were square and flush.

It took up to 6.00 pm to weld all the joints fully.

After this I managed to apply a coat of primer before night fell.


I abandoned plans to go out to site today as I need to start getting up to speed on clients work before returning from holiday.

I will still get some construction work done - I can apply the top enamel coat to the steel work (one half on Saturday, one half on Sunday - to give it time to harden) and I can also start creating the joist / stud frame top plate brackets.

Cleats welded to side arms.

Arms fully welded

Coat of primer applied

Enamel half done