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2015-Dec-26 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #20
Today I needed to bolt down the 3 main beams I installed last week.

In a couple of places the beams had ended up a few millimetres off there original marks so I spent about 3 hours playing around with sash clamps, drills, drill bits, and a socket set until I was happy with the positioning.

The middle beam has a 5mm bow in the horizontal plane but by the time it is covered by a 90 mm stud frame plate this will be neither here nor there.

At this point it was getting hot and I was feeling a bit rough from overindulging in Christmas fare the previous day.

However, I decided to stay on and work on all those little house keeping jobs that have been niggling at me the last few months.

Priority one was the way in which I have been using clamps to lock the diagonal wall braces in position.

This meant I had eight clamps going rusty in the elements.

I worked my way round each brace replacing the clamp with a large timber screw.

By 2.00 pm it was too hot to work on the temporary roof so I switched to stacking raw cut floorboards inside and listened to radio BBC.

When I emerged at 4.30 pm I changed to bolting the frames together with coach screws.

Up to this point they had been fixed together with dove nailing but Tony M has told me that coach bolting is also required.

After a little bit of experimenting with the clearance hole size and the thread hole size I found I was on a roll.

By 7.00 pm it was starting to get dark. I had 8 more bolts to go and I thought I better not annoy my neighbours so I will finish this job first thing on Monday.

Not a lot of visible progress on site today but still a good day's work.

Ensuite steel beams bolted down

Clamps replaced with coach screws

Coach bolting the frames to each other