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2015-Dec-5 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #17
During the week I managed to drill the mounting holes for the cross beams and temporarily fix them off with some high tensile bolts.

The job for today was to establish the cross beam for the back wall of the communal toilet.

This required a notched, welded in fishplate on the middle 4.1 m beam and a notched cross beam with a fish plate welded at right angles on to the end.

Most of the morning went on creating the two different fish plates, drilling 4 x 12 mm mounting holes and notching one of them.

The afternoon went on welding in the notched fishplate, notching the cross beam, cutting the cross beam to length and welding on its fishplate.

I still need to temporarily clamp this cross beam in position and mark off the mounting holes.


A lot of light on / off rain, plus running a fever - so didn't get very much done today.

I did succeed in grinding back the notched part of the cross beam so that it sat snugly housed in to the PFC and flush with its fish plate.

After this, a bit of clamping and coercion to achieve the exact alignment, marking up the hole positions with a texta, drilling the 12 mm holes and temporary bolting up with high tensile bolts.

Later in the day I marked up all the cleat positions based on the templates and counted the number of cleats I will need.

Turns out I will need 34 of 65 x 75 x 6 mm cleats as per previous designs.

I will attempt to cut the raw plates off the 6 metres of stock I bought for the purpose, during breaks from work.

The notched fish plate

Welded in to middle beam

Positioning the cross beam prior to mounting

Mounting holes drilled and fishplates bolted