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2015-Nov-14 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #14
Today I had hoped to create a metal template for all the wet area steel beams and then be home by 11.00 am before the heat set in.

I arrived out on site at 6.00 am.

The first job of the day was to check that the other hallway wall and the exterior wall on Ross's side was straight.

I expected this to take about 3 minutes and then I could get on to marking up.

Instead I found a 20 mm error in both the hallway wall and the exterior wall.

After messing around with string lines for a while I realised that the error had the same cause in each case - the pantry transverse stud frames needed to be adjusted.

The tensioners for these studs were below the temporary roof so I ended up snipping one of the bracing straps and adjusting the opposite strap tensioner.

I will eventually come back to these panels and repair the straps.

This took me up to 10 am.

I still have a slight error in the line. Over 12 metres it is 2 mm in the hallway and 6mm in the external wall - both well within acceptable limits.

By now, the day was really starting to heat up.

I managed to spend another two hours setting out the templates but then I had to retreat inside.

For the next few hour I just went about doing any work I could inside, emerging for 5 minutes at a time to test out the heat.

By 4.30 pm I was able to work outside full time and managed to complete the templates as the light was starting to fade.

I am anticipating that I will need to spend about 5 weekends at home fabricating the steel structure.

The previous approach where I set up a temporary level platform of timbers to replicate the top plates of the frames is probably the best way to go.

I need to create 6 different fish plate unions and a level surface is the only way to do this accurately.

Templates brought home