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2015-Oct-24 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #11
Slow progress today.

With the fire hazard cleanup at home I decided to clear away a large pile of firewood logs.

These are an ideal size for a wood fire but just need to be split and stacked in the wood shed.

There are a couple of hazards here at the moment. The loose pile of wood is covered in leaves and twigs. Also the entire wood shed could catch on fire and burn down the workshop next door.

So I am aiming to clean all this up and possibly improve the wood shed (just a temporary lean to) so that embers cannot gain access.

To this end, on Thursday and Friday, whenever I took a break I would split up some logs and Linda would stack them away.

When all this is finished I will give the area a good raking and cleanup and put all the debris through a mulcher.

Consequently, on Saturday morning, I was slow getting prepared for site and arrived about 7.30 am.

I was still feeling a bit rough from my physical work on the previous days so bought the paper, made a coffee and read for a while.

Once up on deck, I realised that I still had two missing bolts to install in the bathroom steel work.

After that was done I spent some time touching up the enamel top coat, especially where Ross had welded the corner joint for me.

With the bathroom steel work complete I was able to turn my attention back to marking up the floor joist positions.

Certain design feature became more obvious with the real bathroom structure in place and I made a few changes to my previous markings.

At this point, several of my neighbours dropped in and we stood around talking for an hour and a half.

Fortunately I had set up a large umbrella so I was able to avoid getting sunburnt in the glare reflected from the temporary roof.

The next piece of design work was the mid beam across the hallway to provide the support for the loft roof.

I spent a fair while up on the ladder, looking at the top plates, scratching my head, measuring and marking up some templates.

By now it was 4.30. With the angle of the sun, and my position at the top of the ladder, my face was getting sunburned and bright pink from reflections off the temporary roof. The rest of me was protected by a hat and body covering overalls but my face really needed some respite.

I took a rest inside and emerged again at 6.00 pm.

I spent an hour and a half working out the floor joist design on the east side of the house.

This required 3 main internal walls and set down floors for the wet areas.

This had an impact on my earlier work and I had to mark up some changes on my templates.

I am also contemplating substituting a PFC 150 instead of a C150 for a wall supporting joist between the two wet areas.