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2015-Oct-17 - Wooroloo - Home Maintenance #10
Not very much done on site this weekend.

The fire season is approaching and I cannot use Woofers to collect up fire hazards this year (spare room occupied by a visitor).

Instead I am trying out hiring a mulcher.

I used it on Saturday because rain was forecast for Sunday and this would start the breakdown process of the mulch.

What I am doing is raking up entire areas, putting the material through the machine, and then spreading the resultant mulch back out again.

This is turning a whole lot of bulky leaves, twigs and branches in to a fine dense layer of mulch.

I know that this can still burn but I am hoping it will only smoulder instead of burning vigorously and candling up in to trees.

It may all be just an exercise in futility or it might save us from ember attack.

In the process I disposed of a substantial limb that had broken off a tree.

Each weekend I will work on those areas closest to the house and gradually expand out.

My main concern at this stage is that the resulting mulch is only a very thin layer and may allow the ingress of wild oats.

I will need to ensure that any mulch from cleaning up pathways is used to thicken up the mulched areas.


Family time in the morning - saw "The Martian" at the cinema (excellent movie).

Then out to site in the afternoon.

Main intent - bring a whole lot of tools home, plus some heavy angle iron to turn in to right angle cleats along the stud frame top plates.

There was a major downpour while I was there. It was fortunate that I witnessed it - all the vigorous ladder work I did while installing the bathroom steel had cracked some of my bituminous seals and I had a few leaks. Nothing serious - I just had to arrange a few buckets strategically around the place. I will repaint the bitumen soon.

An unprocessed area

A mulched area