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2015-Oct-10 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #10
I was well prepared for today.

I had brought all the steel out on to site on Wednesday.

I had cut back the long grass on Thursday so that I would not be distracted by this job.

I had picked up a 3m hoist on Friday for lifting the 80 Kg beam.

I was out on site by 6.30 am.

The first job was to unload the hoist from off the utility and then bring all the steel out of storage, ready on to two horses at the front of the house.

Next I had to remove all the cross braces to give myself enough room to swing the 4.1 m beam.

The hoist worked well and by 10.00 am I had all the pieces lifted roughly in to position.

Another third of the day went on reinstalling the cross bracing and making the top plates of the walls straight.

I had to create another two diagonal braces to straighten up the frames around the stairwell.

Finally, I spent about 3 hours bringing all the steel pieces in to alignment and placing them over their previous marks on the top plates

In the approaching darkness I clamped off all the pieces of steel and installed all the high tensile bolts.


I spent some family time in the morning and was eventually back out on site at 4.00 pm.

I had preformed mounting holes on all the major members so I went around to each one, drilled through the underlying top plate and installed each bolt.

I also organised with Ross to complete the welding on the bevel joint between two of the members - I have welded the easy horizontal joins but I need him to do the vertical and under welds.

In all - I'd say the weekend was very successful.

The only disappointment is that, after 5 weeks of fabrication and installation, none of this work is visible from the street so it looks like there is no progress.

Using the hoist to lift the beams in to position

Structure almost completed