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2015-Sep-19 - Wooroloo - Loft Floor Joists #7
I spent much of Friday and Saturday working very hard on some urgent maintenance around our residence.

It was not until Sunday that I turned my attention back to the steel work for the bathroom.

I did not achieve a lot - pretty tired, plus slacked off at 2.00 pm and went to see "Oddball" at the cinema.

I also did some work for clients to make up for the shortfall on Friday.

What I did manage to do was extend a piece of PFC 150 out to 4.1 metres by welding on a short additional length.

Each day, during work breaks, I have been cleaning up various raw pieces and cutting them to length according to the template I created the other week.

I still have a lot more cutting and welding to do. Plus two fishplates and also cleats for floor joists within and around the bathroom area.

I will add more photographs as the week unfolds.

Monday through Thursday

Slow and steady progress doing a bit of work each day during programming breaks.


First thing Friday morning I was up to the point where I could start contemplating creating the cleats to weld on to the various pieces of steel. It was as I was contemplating the attachment points that a glaring area jumped to my attention.

Have a look at the 2nd photograph below.

There is a blue coloured beam running between the two sides of the stairwell void and resting on top of the walls of the stairwell.

This is an excellent, substantial piece of engineering to support the cantilevered corner.

Unfortunately we end up with a piece of 150 mm beam intruding on an area intended for 100 mm floor joists.

I must have looked at this any number of times and not registered.

I realised that I needed to replace this beam with a PFC 100.

There was a flurry of calls to Midalia Steel. I only needed a 2.2 m length of black steel but the closest fit was 4.5 m of galvanised 4 mm section.

I decided it was cheaper to spend 30 dollars on a courier, keep the 4.5 metres intact and stay working in my office.

The steel turned up at 3.00 pm.

I realised that it was a spot of luck that I had preserved its full length. I could cut the 4.5 m in half, weld it back to back and sustantially increase its strength.

I have a lot of reconfiguring in front of me for Saturday

Most pieces cleaned up, cut to length

Can you spot the mistake